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  • "This a wonderful tool, easy to apply and just makes plain common sense - ingenious!"

    Jenni Jones, Head of Organisational Development at NHS

  • "An Even Better Place to WorkTM has been invaluable in improving morale  and employee engagement.  The best part is that it is a simple tool to use and the results provide measurable data that improve motivation and performance in teams."

    Brendan Noonan, SVP L&D, Emirates

McConnon International Ltd develops and supports the world's first self-managed, online (but not e-learning) employee engagement and workplace culture enhancing solution: "An Even Better Place to WorkTM".  Our global team consists only of experienced local practitioners in the field, all of whom have previously worked in multinational environments.  With 5 regional offices and over 50 consultants, trainers and support personnel across the world, McConnon International Ltd offers global delivery capability blended with the flexibility and sensitivity to adapt our solutions and training delivery to meet local needs and expectations. 

Implementing "An Even Better Place to WorkTM" gets your staff to take ownership of their situation and the issues that concern them. Your employees become happier and more motivated, leading to lower staff turnover and less wasted time - which in turn directly impacts the bottom line. But how do you go about creating a better place to work?

By helping employees to take ownership of their issues, by building staff engagement and as a result, improving personal and team performance using our easy-to-use online methods.

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  • New BP2W Platform coming soon

    Don't miss the brand new version of BP2W, the world's unique employee engagement solution!  New tutorials, news system look & feel, responsive on mobile devices, ... Want to test how the platform can make a massive difference to the quality of people's work lives?  Please contact us for a free demo at: info@mcconnonint.com
Calculate the costs of your People Problems
Average Annual Salary ,000s/Year Cost
% of time lost in dysfunctional conflict
No. of Managers
days lost to each disciplinary
No. of Disciplinaries
days lost to each formal grievance
No. of Grievances
Average Annual Salary ,000s/Year Cost
days a year off focus, arguing, criticising etc.
No. of Employees

*Costs based on 230 working days per year. Information source

If you feel this research based data does not fully apply to your organization, please adjust the parameters in the ORANGE cells to recalculate the result.

This is just the financial cost. The true cost will include wasted time, higher staff turnover, missed opportunities, absenteeism, inefficiency, low morale, stress, health problems and poor teamwork.


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