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Time Gained on People Problems

Testimonial from Mrs Tracy Macey Head of UK Digital Lush Digital Ltd:

“We implemented An Even Better Place to Work (BP2W) as soon as we were able to take the team out of the office for the initial 2 day foundation course. The course itself was hugely beneficial in helping team members to understand one another, and to realise and appreciate the differences within the team. All of the feedback was highly positive and the team was delighted to be given some really helpful communication tools. The second day was very challenging as we held an open feedback session armed with the techniques taught by Shay McConnon (creator of BP2W). A lot of the conflict was aired (...) I now spend very little time on people management activities or on escalated complaints. The time I lose on people problems has reduced from around 60% to less than 10%.” 

Read more about the success story HERE.


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